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We begin by performing a risk analysis on your entire portfolio. It includes an in-depth exploration of your current level of risk and your comfortability with it followed by a breakdown of how this may change based on the investment plan we recommend.

The goal of the income analysis is to determine if you will run out of money based on your current plan. During our discovery we’ll determine the rate of return you need to not outlive your money and if that number is attainable.

During the tax analysis we’ll determine how to adjust where your income is coming from to limit your taxes now and in the future. This includes an evaluation of how much in taxes you have to pay because of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).

We get it, 50-page proposals are difficult to understand. That is why our How to Retire Blueprint is an easy to understand, one-page outline that reviews all of your current assets, our findings and our recommendations. This helps simplify the complex decision-making process so you’re confident in how you decide to proceed.

We continuously monitor our clients’ accounts on a regular basis and make adjustments if necessary. A financial plan will evolve over time and change according to life events. Marriages, divorces, career changes, children, tax law changes, inflation, stock market fluctuations, recessions and more all require newer perspectives on how to help manage and optimize your plan. 

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The Fuchs Financial How to Retire Blueprint results in a retirement plan customized for your needs.


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